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Getting started

What do I need to vote for a Crypto Baby Name?
  • MetaMask, or any other digital wallet which alows you to specify gas limit and data.
  • Ether (ETH), a digital currency to make a payment and vote.
How to install MetaMask, my digital wallet

Please follow instructions at

Why is MetaMask locked?

This happens because MetaMask locks your account after a certain period of time automatically. To unlock simply click on the MetaMask extension and type in your password.

MetaMask locked screenshot
How do I get Ether, my digital currency (ETH)?

You can't us traditional currencies to vote for Crypto Baby Name - you need to convert them to digital currency (ETH) first.

US citizens only:

You can buy digital currency (ETH) via MetaMask Wallet.

Everyone else:

You will need to purchase digital currency (ETH) via an exchange. The easiest way is to use Coinbase; From Coinbase Wallet you can transfer the ETH to your MetaMask. wallet. Please read how to getCoinbase Wallet and MetaMask Wallet. Unfortunately, you can't vote for the Crypto Baby Name with a Coinbase wallet directly.

Understanding Crypto Baby Name

What is Crypto Baby Name?

We are choosing our baby girl's with a Smart Contract on the Ethereum blockchain. She will be the first baby named with a Smart Contract.

Can I use your platform for my own voting?

Please send us an email and we will provide you more information regarding using our platform for other projects.

Does it cost money to vote for the Baby name?

Yes it does. You get to help pick our baby girls name by donating a small amount of Ether to her College fund. Plus some transaction cost (gas).

You can choose any amount you want.